Jim Rutt uses an image to describe the current system of how we humans do things on our home planet that is a very useful mental model to think about transformation:

Imagine our system as a bowl — and the current state of our system as a marble inside that bowl. The marble moves around constantly and sometimes comes very close to the brim of the bowl. One day it will probably fly out of the bowl — and then everything depends on where it will land. (I am paraphrasing)

Nora Bateson uses an image to describe transformation on more organic terms:

Imagine the process of transformation like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The transformation does not happen by putting some wings onto a caterpillar — the transformation happens by entirely dissolving the caterpillar and creating a butterfly out of that liquid. (I am paraphrasing)

One day the marble will fly out of our bowl. Then everything as we know it will dissolve. When that happens, the way we act defines the DNA of the new bowl. It can turn out to be harmonious, balanced and beautiful, it also can turn out to be a toilet that flushes us out of history.

Maybe, just maybe, the C19 Situation we currently are experiencing might be the moment that pushed the marble out of the bowl. If this is so, all of us need to show up right now and be the best version we can possibly be, to nurture love and wisdom within and without and to create a form that is truly aligned with our innermost needs and desires, with our humanity.