The Myth of Soul Searching and the Art of Soul Building

Thomas Schindler
2 min readOct 28, 2023


Often, we hear about the importance of a healthy body and a clear mind. It’s a simple concept: without physical well-being, our ability to navigate the world diminishes. Similarly, without mental clarity, our thoughts become mere shadows of their potential, lacking depth and direction.

But what about the soul? There’s a prevailing notion that deep within us lies a pristine, radiant soul, waiting to be discovered. This idea suggests that all we need to do is embark on a journey of soul searching to unveil this inner beauty. But is this really the case?

The truth is, the soul, much like the body and mind, requires nurturing, cultivation, and care. It isn’t just about discovering; it’s about building. We can’t simply expect a vibrant soul to exist without putting in the effort to develop and maintain it.

Why is this so crucial? Consider this: if our minds are the birthplaces of thoughts, then our souls are the wellsprings of feelings. Renowned thinkers like Kahneman have posited that a staggering 90–95% of our decisions are driven by emotions rather than logical thought. Given this, it becomes evident that the state of our soul profoundly impacts our choices and actions.

In essence, soul building isn’t just a philosophical or spiritual endeavor; it’s a practical one. By investing in the growth and well-being of our souls, we’re not only enriching our inner lives but also making better, more authentic decisions in the world around us. So, instead of merely searching, let’s commit to building — crafting a soul that’s as robust and radiant as we aspire it to be.