Out and forward

Thomas Schindler
3 min readJul 24, 2023


(0) This post is a continuation and deepening of that post and a response to the question of how to move from the current paradigm (moloch/gameA/etc) into a life serving one. (aka: breaking the multipolar trap)

(1) The mechanism of breaking the multipolar trap is the development of individual and collective sovereignty along the dimensions of intellect, emotion and physiology. While this is a mutually reinforcing feedback loop between the three, we cannot think, talk, mediate or hope our way towards a good world if we don’t know how to move atoms in fundamentally different ways.

(2) Learning how to move atoms in the way nature does is key to a heliogenic civilisation. There is a lot of science around using microorganisms and fungi for biomineralisation and biofabrication, but we can also move further and connect photosynthesis with e-coli and generate chemical energy from sunlight, water and CO2. Some labs are working on using mycelial network for organic computing.

(3) It is essential that this knowledge — the science and engineering of heliogenic materials is owned by the planet, is a commons for eternity. This element is the key component of the path forward.

(4) Building the bridge works along the three horizons model: horizon 1 being incremental innovation, horizon 2 being disruptive innovation and horizon 2 being transformative innovation.

(5) Let’s use a concrete example to illustrate this:
(a) We are currently using a 50.000 tons/year waste stream from Berlin and microorganisms to grow building materials, roof tiles as the first product. In horizon 1 we will sell these circular/regenerative roof-tiles in a market that is urgently looking for “sustainable” solutions. The IP to this will be held in a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that the IP will always be held in the commons.
(b) In horizon 2 we will sell the recipe, the how-to of making the product yourself. Imagine this being similar to the Kombucha-Starter kits you can buy on Amazon for 20.- … you buy them once and neither nor friends nor you ever have to buy a fizzy drink ever again.
( c) In horizon 3 we will sell the service of supporting those who would like to start growing their own roof.

(6) The example above is just that, a small example of what is possible. In order to build this bridge, the entire stack of materials need to become producible this way. There is a lot of research and engineering to be done to accomplish this. That can either be done with large sums of liberated money to create a massive effort towards putting the heliogenic materials stack into the commons or via utilising profits from horizon 1 to do the same across the needs of the market.

Whichever way, this is the best bridge from A to B i have found to date and i will follow it as far as i can.