Exit to Planet

Thomas Schindler
3 min readJan 29, 2024


The past two years have been quite the ride. Finally we found a functioning door into the tangible possibility of creating the more beautiful world our hearts always new is possible. (paraphrasing Charles Eisenstein) We call it HELIOGENESIS (https://heliogenesis.io). At its core it is the understanding that 96% of all life on this planet consists of the same six atoms (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulfur) and that the vast economy called nature has been running itself on the 172.000 TW the big fusion reactor in the sky is sending us, constantly and for free.

It is this, paired with the insight that this means that the entire material stack for a successful life is growable. Yes, not only your food, part of your clothes, part of your house and furniture. All of it. This insight changes everything.

You will probably reject it at first, but if you do, you will recognise something profound that emerges from this. Twenty five years ago the internet was basically a list of links on your television screen. Then Tim Berners Lee came along, created the WWW-Standards and open sourced them (aka: gifted them to the world) — before him Bell Labs had already done the same with the UNIX operating system. Without the open and free foundation provided by these two, the internet as we know it today would not have happened, which means that 15% of the current global economy would not exist.

Now imagine for a moment what it would mean to do the same thing — not for the digital economy — but for the physical economy, the materials economy. Imagine, the protocols of how to grow any material input for your life would be free and open for everyone to use. This changes everything. It makes an economy possible that it at least 1000 times larger than todays economy while being entirely in tune with nature.

There is a lot of work going on at the moment to create the financial infrastructure for this or a similar modality to emerge. This is hard. It’s hard because almost none of the existing asset classes will survive the shift and the new asset classes have not been defined properly. But outlines are beginning to take shape.

One of our favourite bridges into this new set of asset classes is what we like to call “Exit to Planet”. Essentially it gives investors and builders a new loss function to work towards: a large Sovereign Wealth Fund (or equivalent) defining a set of goals and principles along with a fund that buys out for-profit organisations in order to gift them into the commons. This powerful tool has the ability to fully utilise all of the magic of the invisible body part of the market but towards a very specific outcome. In this case a desirable one for the planet and her life.