Klappe zu, Affe tot.

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(1) Die Arena

Was ist denn so los auf dem kleinen blauen Punkt am äusseren Ende von Laniakea?

(a) Existenzielle Bedrohnung

Wir (die Menschheit) haben es geschafft, den natürlichen existenziellen Risiken eine Reihe selbstgemachter existenzieller Risiken hinzuzufügen.

Zu den natürlichen zählen Dinge wie Meteoriteneinschlag, Supervulkan-Ausbruch, Sonnenstürme, Pandemien, und so weiter. Eine unserer Beschäftigungen als Menschheit besteht darin, Wege zu finden, die von diesen Bedrohungen ausgehende Gefahr zu reduzieren.

Dabei haben wir mehr oder weniger unabsichltlich jede Menge neuer Bedrohungen geschaffen. …

There is an enormous probability of climate chaos and all of its second order effects starting in the coming years, maybe decades if we’re lucky.

The standard narrative on how to deal with this situation revolves around employing exponential science and technology and let the invisible hand of the market do its magic. The hope is that we will become so adept at producing that eventually production will be carbon negative and the Fiat/GDP consumption driver will turn this into a world-saving machine.

For this to be successful we would have to completely trust that the exponentials at play in science and technology will work fast enough (fast enough in this context means: within the next ten years). …

Growing up, i developed a strong sense of urgency about the situation on the planet. I grew up with the understanding that we need to change our ways as humanity in order to survive as a species.

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So far we have failed to do so. And now the discussion has shifted from avoiding the disasters to mitigating them. From finding new ways or organising human life on the planet to creating deep adaptation to the challenges to come.

From any action i have ever taken in my life, i can say one thing for sure: taking an action is the…

Some things are true and useful while others are simply false and yet others are true and not useful. Some people mean well and are helpful while others don't mean well and yet others mean well but are not helpful. Some actions are relevant and some are irrelevant.

The only way to be able to begin to answer the questions of how to know which things to use, which people to trust and which action to take is to define the context in which they are being asked.

You could define the context as all life in the universe throughout…

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Jim Rutt uses an image to describe the current system of how we humans do things on our home planet that is a very useful mental model to think about transformation:

Imagine our system as a bowl — and the current state of our system as a marble inside that bowl. The marble moves around constantly and sometimes comes very close to the brim of the bowl. One day it will probably fly out of the bowl — and then everything depends on where it will land. (I am paraphrasing)

Nora Bateson uses an image to describe transformation on more…

When was the last time you followed a recipe without having an image in your mind of what the result would be? Probably never. The same may be true for most of your business and private projects. You know what it is that you’re creating and why.

This narrative is written by 14 and more authors from very diverse ages, genders and backgrounds. Interestingly, visions about a desirable world in 50 years are astonishingly similar in this group, it seems like we all want the same thing across various demographic backgrounds. We got together, and tried to answer the following…

shape the world we create.

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In 1932 Winston Churchill wrote a story on how he envisioned the year 1982 in an essay called "fifty years hence". In it he described — in pretty odd ways- things like vertical farming, solar energy and gene editing.

Two years ago a group of courageous individuals set out to write stories about the world in fifty years — the way they hope, the world will be — and the way they believe it can be. Desirable and possible futures.

Now we have started to open the story-telling to everyone. We want to gather desirable…

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Enough has been said about the phase of humanity on this planet that is currently coming to an end. Enough has been said about the future that we need to build in order to stabilise our ecosystems and make every human equally wealthy on all levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. (If you want to learn more, begin here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and so on)

The time has come to start building this future. May the phaseshift begin.

Triggered by the Corona-Virus pandemic there will be long lasting and dramatic consequences in the way we go…

At untwist our goal is to help you to be as productive as you want to be by taking all of the hassle out of meetings.

One way of doing this is by offering only what is absolutely necessary. But that still requires some explanation.

So in this series of How To's we describe the details of how to use untwist.

  1. Projects
  2. Meetings
  3. Billing
  4. Groups

Thomas Schindler

towards a good planet for everyone — thomas.cr

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